H2O Delirious Army

Delirious army is group of people that makes me happy!

A fan, or fan, some of the time likewise called fan or supporter, is a man who is excitedly given to something or some individual, for example, a band, a games group, a sort, a book, a motion picture or a performer. By and large, the enthusiasts of a specific question or individual constitute its fanbase or fandom. They may demonstrate their eagerness in an assortment of routes, for example, by advancing the protest of their enthusiasm, being individuals from a fan club, holding or partaking in fan traditions, or composing fan mail. They may likewise take part in inventive exercises (“fan work, for example, making fanzines, composing fan fiction, making images or drawing fan craftsmanship.

Jonathan (conceived May 2, 1987 [age 29]), known as H2O Delirious, or simply Delirious, is a mainstream American YouTuber who cherishes making Let’s Play and gaming recordings. He is outstanding for his hyper maniacal giggling and serial executioner like identity.


H20 Delirious’ substance for the most part comprises of him doing how about we plays or simply messing around with his companions. He is known to have an extensive gathering of companions which incorporate VanossGaming (whom many consider his closest companion), I AM WILDCAT, Lui Caliber, The Terroriser, SeaNanners, Moo Snuckel, DathiDeNogla, Mr Sark, SilentDroidd, BasicallyiDoWrk, Mini Ladd, fourzer0seven, Racingcatz, CaRtOoNz, TheRPGMinx, Bryce Games, Sp00nerism, MiniMik3V, SMii7Y, Jacksepticeye, GassyMexican, RegimeK, BigJigglyPanda, SoCloseToToast, KYRSP33DY, Ms HeartAttack, Bodil40, Ohmwrecker, SneakyWarlock69, and SneakyTader69.

Nonetheless, Delirious likewise lets’ Play recordings without anyone else where he frequently plays single-player diversions where he plays through the crusade mode. WatchMojo depicts Delirious as a man who genuinely knows the craft of Let’s Plays and doesn’t let surveys or different unsettling influences to prevent his playthrough. Woozy is all around cherished for his insane style of gaming, for example, not comprehending what is going on and blowing a gasket at each jumpscare; and obviously, his infectious maniacal “Dazed” giggling.

Like VanossGaming, regardless of having more than 8 million supporters (which is quickly expanding), his remark area is free from the raging and extraordinary creature discourses that channels like PewDiePie have.

Individual Life

Because of the line between his YouTube life and Personal life, very little is thought about Delirious, all things considered, other than his genuine name is Jonathan, and he is initially from Virginia and afterward after briefly had moved to North Carolina. He has never uncovered his face in any video yet. Truth be told, his face is still a puzzle to those, many consider his dear companion CaRtOoNz is the main individual on YouTube to recognize what he resembles, since CaRtOoNz really dated Delirious’ sister before.