18 Things That You’ve been Doing Wrong All Your Life

We are animals of habit. Most of the things we do are done because we are in the habit of doing those things. We do them without any consideration about how they can be done otherwise or the way can we optimize the procedure.

You‘ll be surprised to know that there are a lot of things you’ve been doing wrong all your life.

Tapoos has gathered these 18 simple life hacks so your everyday life gets better!

Speedy Charging Time For Your Phone


Putting your smartphone into the “flight mode” before charging will allow it get charged really fast.

Picking Your Foundation


The right way to choose the foundation is to test the color on neck instead of checking it on the wrist or face.

Define Your Keys


Paint each key with a different nail color, so you can easily identify similar looking keys.

Peeling an Egg


For easy and quick shell removing, add to the water a spoon of baking soda before it comes to a boil.

Iron Clothes without Iron


This is for those who don’t enjoy to iron clothes. In the clothes dryer, add three cubes of ice and put your clothes inside. Turn the dryer on for 15 minutes. The wrinkles on the clothes will be straightened by the steam produced. But don’t add too many clothes at one time.



The oils are extracted from the skin if too much body wash or shower gel is used. It can also aggravate the dryness on the skin and conditions like eczema are caused. Control your temptation of the hot water bath and excessive use of shower gels and soap for healthy looking skin.

Safeguard Phone Against Moisture


When going to a beach or taking your phone inside washroom while showering, put your phone inside a plastic bag which is sealable, so moisture doesn’t get in.

Use the Computer Legs


At the bottom of the keyboard are two legs which can be opened to get a better view of the keyboard. In case, you don’t need to look at the keys while typing (you are a pro), then don’t use the legs, since they can cause a wrist ache.

Save Snacks from Dryness


Use your plastic bottles at home, by cutting the neck of it and seal the bags, so moisture doesn’t get inside.

The Right Way to Use Hairpins


The correct way to wear a hair pin is keeping the wavy part downwards whereas the flat part should be faced upwards. Wearing a hairpin-like this will keep your hair fixed all day long.

Getting Rid of Lipstick Marks


To get rid of lipstick marks on your clothes, try a hairspray. Spray the marks and put it aside for 10 minutes, then using a wet sponge rub it off. Later wash the cloth in the washing machine.

How to Cool Drinks in Summers


In a large bowl add ice and water in 1:1 ratio, in the mixture add 2 tablespoons of salt (for 1 liter). Completely soak your bottle in the solution. Your drink will become 8-12 degrees colder in just 2 minutes.

Even Heating of Food


Spread your food in the shape of a ring, before putting in the microwave for heating. Even heat will be spread over all the food this way.

Best Way to Camouflage


To hide something written, overwrite another word on it. Nobody will ever be able to understand it.

A Glass Cover


To protect your drink from insects use a paper cupcake case. They are absolutely perfect as a cover.

Perfect Ice-cream Storage


If you don’t like hard ice-cream, and want it to remain soft when placed inside a freezer, then put ice-cream inside a plastic bag which can be sealed.

Tangle-Free Headphones


Prevent the headphone from tangling by using a plastic piece used for sealing bread bag.

Utilize the Under the Sink Space


Organize effectively the under the sink space by using tension rods over there. Hook your fluids and sprays for cleaning on the rod, so that there is space for other stuff to adjust.

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